Gianluca Gabrielli

If you want to establish a secure connection with me, please use the following information.

To ensure a private session with me you need to bear in mind two things: all the communication channels should be end-to-end encrypted, and at the other end of the communication channel there should be me. The end-to-end encryption ensures that no one is able to read what is transmitted over the comunication channel, but doesn't ensures the identity of the other party, so it is important that you establish a secure channel with me and not with any other imposter. This means you also need an authentication method to ensure my identity. Using the fingerprints below you can verify if the public keys you downloaded are actually mine.
This website is browsable only using HTTPS. It means that there is a certification authority which is ensuring that the content of this page cannot be changed or tampered during transmission. In this case you are trusting Comodo CA.
As long as you trust that this website belongs to me, feel safe to use the following information to establish a secure connection with me.

Dance Like No One's Watching, Encrypt Like Everyone Is.


Import my public key
wget -qO - https://keybase.io/crazybyte/pgp_keys.asc | gpg --import -

Then check fingerprint
gpg --fingerprint --fingerprint gianluca.gabrielli pub rsa2048 2020-04-04 [SC] [expires: 2025-04-03] D78D 3FDC 2591 7EBA B52F 2362 6E17 38B8 2B60 B31D uid [ultimate] Gianluca Gabrielli uid [ultimate] [jpeg image of size 18372] sub rsa2048 2020-04-04 [S] [expires: 2021-04-04] 8FFC 1E50 34F7 E237 051B E063 C899 20D3 BC26 B313 sub rsa2048 2020-04-04 [E] [expires: 2021-04-04] 2F4E 71B5 0686 63F9 CA9D 9A27 3287 62A6 D182 3FC3 sub rsa2048 2020-04-04 [S] [expires: 2021-04-04] 8340 5047 2108 8D10 38F4 EEE4 DF62 E764 07AF A875 sub rsa4096 2020-06-24 [S] [expires: 2021-06-24] 8A37 6CDA 82E5 4110 40B2 C4F4 A679 E92F 78CA 2FAA


Wanna make your server faster? Append this to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
ssh-rsa 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


[email protected]



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